NT Scheduler Export

NT Scheduler Export

Post by Tonago » Sat, 03 Feb 2007 02:33:00

Darn good question.
Would it help to know that you can just copy the scheduled jobs using
copy and paste?
them onto another computer just like a file.
If you then paste it to another computer in that computers task
scheduler the thing to check would be the user and password being used
to run it and the path to the executable (to make sure they are still
going to work on the new computer).
Since the file contains username and pasword data it is not going to
be something you can export to file easily.
You can open it in testpad or notepad and see the username and the
executable being called, but the rest is junk.

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2. Starting Access via Scheduler on Windows NT 2000 / Citrix

We have an Access 2000 app which is supposed to run every morning via the
Windows scheduler using the following command:

"c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\msaccess.exe"
"d:\FolderName\TheApplication.mdb" /x StartLoad

Where Start Load is a macro which simply calls a procedure, which in turn
call several other procedures, then finishes with the "Quit" command.

The problem is that it appears that Access is either not starting at all, or
it is starting and immediately *** up - it's first task is to write a
text file saying that it has started, and this text file is not showing up.

These are the specifics:

The app is running on NT 2000 running Citrix.

When the system administrator is logged onto the server, the scheduler
opens Access, it runs, and everything is fine, so we think the above command
is OK.

When he runs the above command from the Run window, everything works fine.

When he is not logged on, we have the problem described above and hours
later the scheduler thinks Access is still running.

He is at a loss and so am I. Does anyone have any idea why Access is either
not opening, or is opening and immediately stopping when the system
administrator is not logged in.

Many thanks
Mike Thomas

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