Setting default windows display across multiple user log-ons

Setting default windows display across multiple user log-ons

Post by joshmcob » Thu, 19 Feb 2004 06:03:42

Could anyone tell me how one can change the default
display/desktop/start-menu options so that it will come up with a
custom look whenever a new user signs on?

PC manufacturers do it, so there must be a way it can be done...

Thanks in advance,


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I boot WinXP Pro with a password. I am the only user and also the
Administrator with the same password.
It now looks like that there are two users (i.e., two logons). The reason
is that when I log on the windows, I get A screen. When I reboot the
computer later, I get B screen. Both A and B screens are very similar but
two desktop icons are missing in one of the screens. I am quite puzzled
about this observation. My question is how to confirm that there are two
users (or logons) for one person, and if so, how to get rid of one of the
two logons.

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