Verifying Value of Registry Parameters

Verifying Value of Registry Parameters

Post by basis_cons » Fri, 10 Dec 2004 00:04:03


As I have worked mainly with Unix, I have a fairly basic question
regarding the Windows 2003 registry.

When I create or change an environment parameter through the 'Set'
command, I can verify the value of that parameter change by issuing the
command 'echo %Par%', where 'Par' is the parameter.

When I was running Oracle in Win2003 some parameters were set correctly
in the registry (Otherwise Oracle would not have worked). However, when
I issued 'echo %regpar%', where regpar
is a parameter defined in the registry, the output was simply

How can I view the value of all parameters, the ones defined
as part of the startup sequence, using %set%, and in the
registry? It seems to me that the output of 'set' does not cover all of

Also, suppose that in the registry under 'HKLM\Software\Oracle', there
are 2 trees Home0 and Home1. Can I find which one of these
Win2003 uses for registry parameters, without checking the values
of the parameters? (i.e is there a command that states something
along the lines of 'registry currently using HKLM\Software\App1\Tree2,
HKLM\Software\Oracle\Home1') etc..


Verifying Value of Registry Parameters

Post by MV » Fri, 10 Dec 2004 00:23:22

What registry settings do you mean, where are they located exactly?

The set command will only display environment variables, it will
not show arbitrary registry settings.

Sorry, no such command is is available, registry access is very

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