video mirroring

video mirroring

Post by suprtige » Wed, 10 Sep 2003 04:10:28

I am trying to help a teacher friend with vide mirroring. When she
left for the summer her machine was working correctly with a tv that
she has in her room. However, during the summer maintenance staff
moved her computer and now she cannot get video mirroring to work
She has a Nvidia GeForce 2 card.
It has done a couple of different things.
The background will show on the tv and the icons and task bar are on
the computer monitor.
I tried a new driver and now the tv just rolls.
I do know that the card recognizes the TV. I can hook it up separtely
and the output will be to the TV. However, this is not the
configuration that she wants.
She need to have the TV mirror the info on the computer monitor for
her lectures.
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Hello all,
I have been using powerpoint on on powermac laptop to give
presentation in my classroom for a number of years now, my general set
up is to use the presenter tools to give the lecture and use command
tap to switch to safari when I need to show some other application,
such as safari. This has been working great for the past two years.

When I switch to safari the video automatically switches video
mirroring. When I switch back to powerpoint it would automatically
switch back to independent video streams, giving me the presenter tools
on my screen and the presentation on the projector. Some time this
summer this behavior changed.

I have applied both updates to the OS and updates to Office during the
summer and when I went to get ready for school this fall I found that
when I switch back to powerpoint during the presentation it no longer
resents the video to be non-mirrored and I get a mirrored version of
the presenter tools on both my screen and the projector. This means I
need to go to manually change the video settings to turn off mirroring.

I'm working on an apple script to work around this behavior but, I was
wondering if anybody has a suggestion about a nicer solution to this

Aaron Glimme

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