Win ME problem recognizing hardware

Win ME problem recognizing hardware

Post by Dana Walbr » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 04:35:46

I am not an expert on Windows, but if anyone has any suggestions I'd
appreciate the help.

At home I have an eMachines 600is that came with Windows ME installed.
About a year ago I added memory, a CD-RW, and a small USB digital camera
with no problems. I did not remove the original CD-ROM. Both the
CD-Rom and CD-RW work. Several months ago I purchased an MP3
player/memory disk device, also USB. When I try to attach the player, a
dialogue box appears saying that new hardware has been detected, and it
appears to look for a driver or something. The progress bar never gets
past 0%, and nothing happens unless I kill the process (which means I
can't use the player with this computer). Recently, I obtained an
Ultra66 I/O board and an Ultra66 40 GB drive. In order to install the
drive, I installed the I/O board, removed the CD-ROM, and attached the
drive. I get the same problem as with the MP3 player, except that since
I am booting, when killing the update process the system is stuck and I
need to re-boot. Actually, aside from booting from a floppy or CD, in
order to get the system to boot I had to remove the I/O board, and I had
to restore the CD-ROM. If I left the CD-ROM out, it still detected a
hardware change and displayed the now all too familiar box with the
progress bar at 0%.

It seems like this system now recognizes when a hardware change has
taken place, but does not have success finding drivers or whatever it
needs to find to let me use them. Instructions for player say that
Windows ME should recognize and communicate with the device.
Instructions for the I/O board imply that the board plus the drive need
to be physically installed before installing the drivers for both.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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