windows/javascript issue...

windows/javascript issue...

Post by Frances De » Mon, 16 Aug 2004 14:44:00

I just posted this in comp.lang.javascript, thought I'd post a copy
here, in case someone in this newsgroup can shed some light on this..

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I'm getting Getting "Access is Denied" on resizeTo and moveTo methods in
IE (IE 6.0..) I saw two posts about this from 7/6 & 7/7.. I suspect,
like previous poster said, that this has to do w/MS Windows Updates
(Tools --> Windows Update in IE..) because this started happening to me
recently (ONLY in IE, works fine in N7), and I updated about two weeks
ago (AND: this is happening to me also at work, where I have same OS
(W2000 Pro), and also updated about two weeks ago..) now does Microsoft
have a system for users to communicate this kind of stuff to them?? this
bug shouldn't be too hard for them to fix.. thank you for any suggestions..

Frances Del Rio

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I am trying to write some javascript that will open a new web-page in
a new window and then be able to determine if the web-page that has
been opened contains certain text.

I am opening the new window with:
newpage ="

I am then trying to see if it contains certain text by using:
if(newpage.document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].innerHTML = =
"text") alert("contains the text");

However this line seems to produce an error that says "Access denied".

Does anyone know why this is or another way of achieving my goal?



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