on subclassing

on subclassing

Post by michel » Wed, 18 Feb 2009 20:04:39

hi all,

is there a possibility to subclassing a window message but not
subscribing the subclassed message, so using both new provided
and old message?
(naturally messages are the same)

than you for interest

on subclassing

Post by Fred » Thu, 19 Feb 2009 04:51:17

There is no Motif "window message", so "subclassing" it does not
make any sense. Also, there is no such concept of "subscribing
the subclassed message" in Motif.

You are probably posting to the wrong group. This group is concerned
with the Motif widget set of the (Unix/Linux) X-Window system.
It has nothing to do with Microsoft Windows.
Fred K.