Porting SunOS' Devguide to Motif/Linux

Porting SunOS' Devguide to Motif/Linux

Post by vrenn » Fri, 26 Nov 2004 06:43:17

Hello all,

I've got a huge application made with Sun Microsystems' Devguide under SunOS
4 (Solaris 1), and I would like to port it to Linux (yes... just like that).
The "logic part" of the application is made with another language, but
there's still a lot of "logic" made in C that includes X libraries. And this
is what worries me the most.

My first idea was to port it to Motif (looks very similar because it's kind
of C, and I think there are free Motif compilers for Linux). My question is,
how hard this option will be? Are there automatic tools to translate from
Devguide to Motif? Has anyone done such thing? Any good advice for this?

If you have tried this or you just think this option is crazy (as I do),
maybe you know any other ways to get rid of Devguide. Thanks,

Porting SunOS' Devguide to Motif/Linux

Post by joey » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 01:08:03

We did this a long time ago and there are no converters for anything that are
any good. If you switch to Motif or anything for that matter, you are going
to have to redo all the GUIs and depending on how intermixed your logic is
with the GUIs, you are going to rewrite code.

Honestly, if I were you, I would try switching to Qt. This way, if you have
to rewrite everything, at least you'll get some Windows/Mac support in the
future and will not have to do this exercise again in the near future when
your customer decides they need it to run on Windows.