Switching between Virtual Desktops

Switching between Virtual Desktops

Post by Jben » Sat, 18 Nov 2006 09:01:27

I am writing a support application which displays information
for a primary application, they are separate processes.
There can only be one instance of the supporting application
window but multiple primary application windows are available.

My problem is I can have multiple primary applications on
different virtual desktops (I'm working in CDE) which can
call up this support application window. I would HATE to kill
this support application process and re-run it just to display
it on the current virtual desktop.
Is there anyway to move a window between different virtual

Thanks much,

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2. Keep Kaffeine playing when switching virtual desktops?

Kaffeine stops when I switch virtual desktops under kde 3.3 and also under
WindowMaker. It will pick up where it stopped when I return to the desktop
I started it on.
However, under fvwm it will keep playing.

This was working but now seems borked.
Any idea what setting needs to be changed?
I have been through all of kaffeine's settings and Xine as well nor can I
find anything in kde where I suspect the trouble might be.

This is with Suse 9.2 BTW.
Any ideas?

Steffan Hayter
"I don't do Windows"
" ASCII a stupid question, get a stupid ANSI! "

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