XmCascadeButtonGadget in XmOptionMenu too high

XmCascadeButtonGadget in XmOptionMenu too high

Post by harr » Tue, 21 Dec 2004 16:15:24

Hi all,
I'm having a weird thing with XmCascadeButtonGadget in XmOptionMenus;
on our several Linux versions (with in turn several (Open)Motif
version) they appear too high. The same application when built and run
on IRIX, will show the normal height for the button. I tried to set
each and every resource in order to reduce the height, to no avail; I
can set the color of the button, but cannot set the height of it, not
of the button itself, not by altering the height of enclosing container

How/where to set the height of these buttons???

thx, Harry

XmCascadeButtonGadget in XmOptionMenu too high

Post by nojun » Tue, 21 Dec 2004 19:42:25

A Motif menu is in fact a XmRowColumn. You may try to fiddle with
some of the menu resources. Are you sure that the menu widget
XmNorientation is set to XmVERTICAL?

Could you post a code snip?


XmCascadeButtonGadget in XmOptionMenu too high

Post by harr » Tue, 21 Dec 2004 22:20:33

Yes, I read out the widget-tree and relevant resources with 'editres',
and tried to alter them both with editres, and in the apps' own
xdefaults-resource file: I succeeded in changing the color (just to
make sure I had the right instance), but not the size (height,
marginHeight etc.)... I tried for the button itself and for enclosing
containers (xmforms, xmrowcolumns) higher in the widget tree (that is
parents of the button).

Yes, I'm pretty sure the orientation is set to Vertical: functionally
the menu works just fine, showing all menu-items correctly.

On IRIX (Unix) systems, the height of the menu is correct. It seems to
me in Linux, the height of the buttons is somehow enforced ...

I have seen this problem mentioned elsewhere, but at the time, no
answer was found/given, and I could not get in contact with the