XmContainer Widget Scrollbars - HELP!

XmContainer Widget Scrollbars - HELP!

Post by jrsuga » Sat, 20 Dec 2003 05:47:50

am really at my wit's end on this problem and feel like I have tried
everything. Do any of you guys have a suggestion for me to try? I
know there's a lot of expertise in this group.

I have a container widget that I populate with icons. I really want
the container widget to create each new icon on a visible portion of
the container before attempting to create them outside of the viewable
area, thereby adding scrollbars. For example, if my container comes
up with room to display 3 rows and 9 columns of icons, it would be
nice if the first 27 icons I created took up the visible 3 rows and 9
columns. Instead, the container seems to limit the icons to only 2
rows and creates a horizontal scrollbar on my 19th icon (2 rows x 9
columns) and leaves the lower part of my container blank. I never get
a vertical scrollbar as the container seems to have made up its mind
it is only allowed to have 2 rows.

It would also be nice if when I resized the container widget, the
icons did whatever wrapping was needed to fit the size of the screen
if there was room available. My container widget seems to pay no mind
to resizing with the exception of getting rid of the horizontal
scrollbar if I widen it enough.

I am truly baffled by this. I'm sure it's something wrong I'm doing
but I can't figure out what.

Thanks for your help!

Below is the widget hierarchy of the relevant widgets:


Here's how each of these are created:

Creating the main window:

ac = 0;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNx, 102); ac++;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNy, 69); ac++;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNheight, 693); ac++;
mainWindow = XmCreateMainWindow(parent, (char *)"mainWindow",
args, ac);

Creating the XmPanedWindow (child of the main window):
ac = 0;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNspacing, 20); ac++;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNheight, 662); ac++;
panedWindow = XmCreatePanedWindow(mainWindow, (char
*)"panedWindow", args, ac);

Creating the XmForm Widget (child of the panedWindow widget):
ac = 0;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNresizePolicy, XmRESIZE_GROW); ac++;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNpaneMinimum, 220); ac++;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNallowResize, True); ac++;
ocwForm = XmCreateForm(panedWindow, (char *)"ocwForm", args, ac);

Creating the XmScrolledWindow Widget (child of the form):

ac = 0;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNscrollingPolicy, XmAUTOMATIC); ac++;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNtraversalOn, False); ac++;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNscrollBarDisplayPolicy, XmAS_NEEDED); ac++;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNscrolledWindowChildType, XmSCROLL_VERT);
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNx, 5); ac++;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNy, 17); ac++;
ocwScrolledWindow = XmCreateScrolledWindow(ocwForm, (char
*)"ocwScrolledWindow", args, ac);

Creating the XmContainer Widget (child of the scrolling window):

ac = 0;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNlayoutDirection,
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNspatialStyle, XmCELLS); ac++;
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNspatialIncludeModel, XmFIRST_FIT);
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNspatialResizeModel, XmGROW_MAJOR);
XtSetArg(args[ac], XmNspatialSnapModel, XmSNAP_TO_GRID);

icon_container = (Widget)XmCreateContainer(parent,
"icon_container", args, ac);


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