window disappearing with core file - Urgent

window disappearing with core file - Urgent

Post by Devi » Tue, 06 Apr 2010 16:53:04

Hi all,

In production server after filling data of fields in a particluar
window and clicked on OK button, all the window get closed except the
main window and generated core file in user's home directory. Once the
user exited from the application and login again and tried to do the
same thing then it successfully done. The user is not getting this for
every time. I tried to reproduce by doing the same operation in my
local test servers.. but couldn't reproduce. I never added any new
widgets or changed anything in the screen.

Even I tried to debug the core file but that also didnt give any
useful information.

Following is the backtrace of the core file

#0 0xc49a6eb8 in CORBA::PPTR::isOneOfOurs () from /netplan1/adds/
#1 0xc498a16c in COTClass::unload () from /netplan1/adds_static/wgsrv/
#2 0xc4991cf0 in CORBA::LoaderListClass::~LoaderListClass ()
from /netplan1/adds/wgsrv/lib/rw/liborbix.3.0.1.aCC.A.03.13.1
#3 0x74f66c in ?? ()
#4 0x74f738 in ?? ()
#5 0xc4920078 in _shlInit () from /netplan1/adds/wgsrv/lib/rw/
#6 0x74f104 in ?? ()
#7 0x74f3c0 in ?? ()
#8 0x7507f8 in ?? ()
#9 0x7508b8 in ?? ()
#10 0x76e14c in ?? ()
#11 0x1d6d4c in ?? ()
#12 0x74fd8c in ?? ()
#13 0x424114 in ?? ()
#14 0x1d2080 in ?? ()
#15 0x21c6c4 in ?? ()
#16 0x20bb50 in ?? ()
#17 0x1c50c4 in ?? ()
#18 0x1c8d84 in ?? ()
#19 0x1fc60c in ?? ()
#20 0x114ab0 in ?? ()
#21 0xc3593104 in XtCallCallbackList () from /usr/lib/X11R5/libXt.1
#22 0xc46d0714 in ActivateCommon () from /usr/lib/Motif1.2/libXm.1
#23 0xc46d0468 in Activate () from /usr/lib/Motif1.2/libXm.1
#24 0xc35c11a4 in HandleActions () from /usr/lib/X11R5/libXt.1
#25 0xc35c1bb0 in HandleComplexState () from /usr/lib/X11R5/libXt.1
#26 0xc35c1cb4 in _XtTranslateEvent () from /usr/lib/X11R5/libXt.1
#27 0xc359e9a4 in DispatchEvent () from /usr/lib/X11R5/libXt.1
#28 0xc359f58c in DecideToDispatch () from /usr/lib/X11R5/libXt.1
#29 0xc359f674 in XtDispatchEvent () from /usr/lib/X11R5/libXt.1
#30 0xc359fb30 in XtAppMainLoop () from /usr/lib/X11R5/libXt.1
#31 0x42746c in ?? ()
#32 0x1d7e04 in ?? ()
#33 0xf75e4 in ?? ()

That core file received SIGSEGV signal.

As this issue is going to be a sev1 issue . Could you please help me
out to find solution to the earliest?

window disappearing with core file - Urgent

Post by arahn » Wed, 07 Apr 2010 06:29:37

It is not possible for a single application to generate core dump after
closing a window, and main window to remain functional.
You must have an application which consists of several processes.
This could make it easier for you to debug it.

The user is not getting this for
This is entirely possible, you could get it due to uninitialized memory,
which would behave differently every time. It could be a timing issue,
where program behaves differently on computers with different speed.
Sometimes small differences in the version of the underlying libraries
also cause difficult bugs to pop up.

So having bugs, which you can't reproduce, is nothing uncommon.

Your core file seems to come from a binary which was not compiled with
debug options. Your trace shows only calls to library functions.
I recommend to compile it again with -g option.

You can try to run it in DDD
if you manage to reproduce the core dump, or run it with Valgrind
if you can't find the bug.

Hope this helps,

Dun Peterc