Announce: BX/Ada - Motif GUI builder for Ada w/Motif bindings

Announce: BX/Ada - Motif GUI builder for Ada w/Motif bindings

Post by Mark » Fri, 12 Aug 2005 04:29:27


I know this has been leaked several times on comp.lang.ada, but here it
is (finally). :-)



ICS announces the release of BX/Ada V6 which augments BX PRO, the
industry leading GUI builder, with the ability to generate Ada code.
BX/Ada provides a complete solution for GUI developers using Ada. It
includes all the features of BX PRO, plus a set of Motif/Ada bindings,
support for most major Ada compilers and 15 add-on Motif widgets from
EnhancementPak for developing top-quality user interfaces.

This release extends to Ada developers all the conveniences in creating
user interfaces that BX PRO has provided C/C++ developers for years.
Features such as WYSIWYG development, resource editors, styles, support
for localization and internationalization, integration of third party
widgets, and more are now available to Ada developers who will be able
to generate clean, readable and portable Ada code with the push of a

For more information or an evaluation copy of BX/Ada, visit