Redhat Linux 9.0 and Gnat- tasking bug

Redhat Linux 9.0 and Gnat- tasking bug

Post by Mike and L » Thu, 09 Oct 2003 13:47:12

Hey Mark-

FWIW, I think you'll find that Ada tasking does not work with the GNAT
that comes installed by default in RH9. I used the GNAT that came with
RH8 and it workeed great, but the size of the data structure for tasks
changed in RH9 and so GNAT's task control blocks are the wrong size. So
if you have a program that uses tasking you will have problems.

We fixed this on our RH9 installation by downloading LOTS of RPMs for
gcc and installing them ourselves after finding a newsgroup posting when
doing a Google search for information about this problem. I say LOTS
because of dependencies we encountered that kept requiring more and more
RPMs. Anyway, to our amazement we did as the posting recommended and
voila our GNAT compiler is producing good code for programs with
tasking. Unfortunately I couldn't find the link just now, but here is
another thread that describes the problem:

- Mike

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First we got circularity detected in elaboration for a rather complex
generic structure. This does not happen in Solaris. A pragma Suppress
(Elaboration_Check) allowed us to build. But elaboration never
completes. We suspect that a PROGRAM_ERROR has been raise, but see no
trace of it. Last entry of call stack is an instantiation of generic
package that needed pragma Suppress to build.

Task Display does not work, always empty.

Any suggestions?


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