[OT] Usenet (was: Ada in Debian: new dedicated mailing list, debian-ada@lists.debian.org)

[OT] Usenet (was: Ada in Debian: new dedicated mailing list, debian-ada@lists.debian.org)

Post by Bjn Persso » Thu, 04 Mar 2010 11:56:50

That's what I do too. I tried some servers that didn't require registration,
but they were all so overloaded that they were unbearably slow.
News.individual.net is responsive and stable, and the fee of ten euros per
year is negligible.

Bjn Persson
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1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce....Debian Sarge is frozen

2. [News] New Debian Community Poll Debian, How Debian Deals With Packages (Better Than Windows)

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Debian community poll



,----[ Quote ]
| In Debian GNU/Linux there are packaging
| policies in place to prevent one package from
| fiddling with the configuration of another.
| Simple. That other OS makes things difficult
| for everyone but they keep on doing the same
| stupid things for ackwards compatibility
| meaning e messed up and we are not going to
| fix it



Debian Squeeze Pre-review

,----[ Quote ]
| Every two years or so, Debian puts out a new
| "stable" release. This is my favorite
| distribution because of the minimal number of
| bugs and the huge software repositories and
| the powerful package manager. Right now,
| Lenny (5.0) is the stable release, and
| Squeeze (6.0) is in testing. Sometime "soon"
| Squeeze will get frozen, which means the
| regular flow of package migration will stop,
| and from then on it will only get bug and
| security fixes through a method of back-
| porting. Once the number of "release
| critical" bugs is reduced to an acceptable
| level (which used to mean 0, more recently it
| means 50 or so), then Squeeze will be
| released as the new stable version.

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