Base 4 OOA framework Base base base

Base 4 OOA framework Base base base

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PSun, 21 Jan 2007 10:36:18 +0100, skrev //\\o//\\annabee<:

Now 4 bases. Last base is 100% free of API call for drawing.

These bases starts by implementing a easy to use OOA Framework.
Then each base progressivly expand upon the next one, so that
any beginner may more easily study each step.

The last base (4) does not call to the API for any drawing.

Bitmaps, Fonts, FillRect, FrameRect, DualRect.
Easy to tinker with colors, text, fonts, and bitmaps.
Bitmap is the one Jukka uploaded, a leaf from a tree.
It is drawn transparently upon a black background,
with some text drawn transparent upon that.

Infoes inside, sources inside. Beginner asmers, this may be for you.
<< ;>
>>>> bases<<<< (means you add to it).

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I have an Entity data model built in Entity Framework, which sources data
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I have some lookups, which are based on code-based Objects. They are
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are not persisted to the database, and they derive from "EntityObject" so
they are EF-ready.

For example, I may have an EF object "Event", and an Object type
"EventType". Event is stored in the database, however EventType is loaded
depending on what types I support in an application variant (depending on
DLLs loaded).

In looking at the edmx file and other info, I can't see how to mix SQL and
Non-SQL Object based entities.

How can I create an EF relation between the SQL based "Event", and an Object
based "EventType"?

Thanks in advance for assistance,

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