Updating new e-books!!

Updating new e-books!!

Post by akir » Tue, 02 Oct 2007 18:50:29

Hello!! once again i'm updating my e-books!!
Check this out!!

thank youu!! have a nice day! ^^

1. Updating new e-books!!

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If you're going to be advertising, there are ways to be professional. The
first is not to give away stolen merchandise.

The second, assuming your product is legal and honest, is to get help with
your target language. To post an ad in English, get help to be grammatical in
English. Likewise to post in French, Farsi or Finnish, or any other language.
People reading in that language will expect a certain level of
professionalism if they're going to be interested in your offering.

Being "just a student" is hardly an excuse for theft or poor marketing.

No one is "angry", except at your theft. The grammar advice is to help you to
avoid sounding so unremittingly puerile.

The word "I" in English is always capitalized.
A sentence ends with a single period.
A period after a salutation gets one space following it, after a sentence gets
Theft is illegal and will get you in trouble. It's also immoral, and will
condemn you to eternal subjugation to the Great Wheel of Karma.

What in the world makes you think you can peddle your stolen merchandise in
this group, hm?



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