Best reference for a F77 programmer learning F90?

Best reference for a F77 programmer learning F90?

Post by John Fredr » Mon, 23 Jul 2007 09:54:48

Also take a look at

"Programming in Fortran 90: A first course for Engineers and Scientists" by
I.M. Smith, John Wiley & Sons, (c) 1995, ISBN 0471941859

John Fredrickson

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Dear Everyone:

I recently moved my stuff, including lots of Fortran 90 and 77 codes
from a Sun to a Mac (Power Mac G5).

As usual, I try to compile my F90 codes that call some F77 subroutines
(mostly from "Numerical Recipes" with an F90 compiler, a free gnu
version as is told by the system administrator.

But the F90 compiler refuses to compile the F77 codes and gives the
error information:

"f90: 1501-218 file mycode.f contains an incorrect file suffix"

A colleague suggested a solution to me:

(1.) Name my F77 codes with the suffix .f95 (i.e., mycode.f to

(2.) Compile it with the F90 compiler with the option -qfixed (i.e.,
f90 -qfixed -c mycode.f95) to produce an object file (i.e., mycode.o);

(3.) Compile my main program with the F90 compiler along with the
above object file (i.e., f90 mymain.f90 mycode.o).

Well, I have not tried this yet. But it sounds very odd even if it

Is there a simple solution, or an F90 compiler that would simply
compile both F90 and F77 codes on a Power Mac G5) machine?

Thank you for reading and replying!


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