Fortran parser for VRML

Fortran parser for VRML

Post by David.Pate » Thu, 20 Apr 2006 15:14:48

Do you know where I can find Fortran source code for reading a
reasonable subset of VMRL?

I have an application where I need to read two VRML files, convert the
colours into values, morph the geometry of the the first VRML dataset
to match the geometry of the second, do a nearest neighbour search,
modify the colour values of the second VRML dataset, and output back to

i.e. my output VRML has all the same commands as the second VRML
dataset but different colours.

It needs to be able to understand multiple instances of "Transform",
"point", "color", "vectors", "IndexedFaceSet", "PixelTexture",
"geometry Text", '#" etc.

I have a reasonable knowledge of Fortran but am a complete novice at