Schur decomposition via IMSL and Matlab

Schur decomposition via IMSL and Matlab

Post by Abdul Qa » Tue, 23 Aug 2005 08:20:07

I'm trying to reconcile differences between IMSL MP F90's and Matlab's
Schur [U,T] decomposition of a real matrix of moderate size whose spectral
radius and departure from normality are equally large (~10^14) and whose
eigenvalues are observed values lying along the diagonal. In both cases the
norm of the residual in the decomposition is finite (~10^-1).

IMSL's lin_eig_gen correctly computes the eigenvalues. However, they differ
significantly (>> 1ulp) from the diagonal entries in IMSL's T, especially
as they decrease in magnitude. In contrast, Matlab's diagonal entries in T
are indistinguishable from the eigenvalues. In both cases, U is apparently
unitary. Why this difference?

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Hi all,

While IMSL and GSL's numerical integration and ODE/PDE functions are faster
and sometimes "smarter" than Matlab's functions, I still like the fast
visualization and prototyping in Matlab.

Are there wrappers for IMSL and GSL for Matlab?

I mainly use numerical integration and ODE/PDE's, and FFTs... etc.

Thanks a lot!

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