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Post by cnlndXk3Mj » Mon, 09 Jul 2007 02:08:00

This is probably something easy, but when you don know what to do it is
hard. Basically, I copied Chip code form the following URL:

http://www.yqcomputer.com/ #Export

Then I run the code and the get an rgument Not optionalmessage. The
following line is tinted blue:

I looked at some DG topics that discussed rgument Not optionalbut didn
get anywhere. I Googled the topic, and tried to figure out what is going
on...nothing jumped out at me. Basically, I didn find anything that seemed
helpful. I also looked under Tool> > References (I had my doubts about this,
but tried it anyway). I clicked on Export 1.0 Type Library; it still doesn

Typically, I am resourceful, and try to resolve issues by myself, but Ie
hit a wall, and don know what to do now. I thought I was just starting to
get somewhat proficient with this VBA stuff and then something that should be
extremely simple (can you say copy/paste) vexes me. Can anyone offer some
insight or give me some kind of guidance

Thanks so much!


1. =?Utf-8?Q?_How_to_optimize_LIKE_=E2=80=99%MySea?= =?Utf-8?Q?rchString=E2=80=99?=

2. =?Utf-8?Q?How_to_optimize_LIKE_=E2=80=99%MySearchS?= =?Utf-8?Q?tring=E2=80=99?=


I using a statement with LIKE in the WHERE clause. Searching for rows
containing a prefix (LIKE yPrefix% SQL Server seeks the index on that
column that fine. But if I want to search for a suffix (LIKE MySuffix
an Index Scan is used and takes very long. Do I have any possibility that SQL
Server does an Index Seek in case of LIKE MySuffix

How can I optimize such a query?

I also couldn find a use of FTS in this case, because CONTAINS only
provi<es a but not a term for suffixes or am I wrong?

Thank you all!

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5. =?Utf-8?Q?=E2=80=9Cgrid_layout=E2=80=9D_vs._=E2=80=9Cflow_layout=E2=80=9D_?=

6. =?Utf-8?Q?MS_Outlook_2003_is_showing_=E2=80=98one_?= =?Utf-8?Q?unread_item=E2=80=99?=

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10. =?Utf-8?Q?Server_error:_The_URL_=E2=80=98docs/=5Fvti?= =?Utf-8?Q?=5Fbin=E2=80=99?=

11. =?Utf-8?Q?Connection_failed:_SQLState:_=E2=80=98S1?= =?Utf-8?Q?T00=E2=80=99?=

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