Found a workaround

Found a workaround

Post by Norma » Thu, 26 Jun 2008 23:19:26

I have also been struggling with macros for some time and found a workaround. It takes a few steps, but it worked and I am happy enough.

Load your excel spreadsheet in Compatability Mode, or save it to begin with as an Excel 2003 file.

If you have a large file and are not sure if there are hyperlinks or other hypertext in them, copy the spreadsheet.

Open a new spreadsheet, click on Paste Special... under the paste icon.

In the popup box, click the "Paste Link" button inthe lower left-hand corner.

This will paste the sheet in a plain text, unformatted environment, similar to the previous post using Notepad, but you can stay in Excel to do this.

My Macros work beautifully as before.


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Howdie all :)

Problem...My data is of two types

Type I - Numbers or #N/A - these are in cells a1,c1,e1,g1
Type II - Text or #N/A - these are in cells b1,d1,f1,h1

For Type 1
I need to put in cell I1 the first (or any) instance of a number - The
number if picked up in a1,c1,e1,g1 will always be the same, ie only two
options - the number or a N/A. I want the formulae in I1 to look at
a1,c1,e1,g1 and tell me what the number in the range is.

For Type II
Same as above but I need to display in J1 the result of the first
instance of text (text will always be the same - could either be text
(eg ABC234) or NA that could be in b1,d1,e1,g1..



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