Add and remove toolbar custom buttons

Add and remove toolbar custom buttons

Post by Ger » Fri, 26 Oct 2007 16:23:15

I have created a custom toolbar (in excel vba) with some buttons, but in
the "Toolbar Options" menu
(on the toolbar) -> "Add or Remove Buttons" the voice relative to my
toolbar is disabled, unlike to the others excel toolbars. I would add
and remove my buttons selecting in this menu my toolbar and then check
and uncheck the toolbar buttons.

Can you help me please?
Thanks in advanced

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Access 2000 and 2003.

I have made a custom toolbar to allow users to filter by form, etc.

The only things I want to appear on that toolbar are the 3 buttons to
control filtering. At the right end of the toolbar there is a little
arrow pointing down, and if the user clicks it, it says "Add or Remove

I tried the properties, etc., but can see no where to get rid of this
command. I have the toolbar set to allow no changes, so hypothetically
the users can't do anything anyway, but I don't even want them to know
it is an option.

Is there a more general option I need to change somewhere?

Thank you,


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