Summing in Macros

Summing in Macros

Post by tjohn17 » Fri, 12 Dec 2003 23:16:54

Still looking for a little help with any part of my problems wit
summing and/or subtotaling. I would like to be a contributor instea
of a receiver of info. on this forum, but it is a slow learnin

Summing in Macros

Post by Tom Ogilv » Fri, 12 Dec 2003 23:44:06

Dim rng as Range
set rng = Columns(3).specialCells(xlConstants,xlNumbers)
set rng1 = Intersect(rng.EntireRow,Columns(4))
rng1.formula = "=" & rng1(1,-1).Address(0,0) & _
"*" & rng1(1,0).address(0,0)

Will put in your formulas

Zip the text file and send it to me and I will suggest a method to do the

Tom Ogilvy