Treeview, avoid selecting node on keydown or up

Treeview, avoid selecting node on keydown or up

Post by RB Smissae » Sun, 06 Nov 2005 01:37:25

Is there a way to avoid the behaviour of the userform treeview control where
a different node gets selected when the node text starts with the letter of
the pressed key.
The problem is that I have keyboard shortcuts that do various things in the
treeview and these get messed up by this.
These routines get triggered by the keyup event. Can't remember now why this
isn't in the keydown event, but there was a good reason for it.


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I'm building a web application that is analogous to the Windows XP file
explorer in function. The left column contains a TreeView, and the right
column a DataGrid populated by selecting TreeView nodes. The TreeView
populates dynamically as there are a significant number of nodes. The
DataGrid displays both the items and the nodes from the TreeView. Using the
explorer analogy this means the TreeView shows folders, and the DataGrid
folders and files.

The issue I have is that I would like to be able to update the TreeView to
show the selected node if the user selects the matching node from the
DataGrid. Again with the Explorer analogy, if the user selected a folder, the
folder tree would update to match the change. I'm not sure it's possible due
to the dynamic nature of the TreeView in this example as the node may not
even exist in the nodes collection (eg: The TreeView shows the root node plus
1 level but the user has drilled down 3 levels in the DataGrid from the root

Any suggestions?

Kind Regards,

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