store default printer, change printer and then restore default printer?

store default printer, change printer and then restore default printer?

Post by Dennis Ped » Fri, 16 Nov 2007 06:18:27

I have a excel doc i want to be printet on my "FinePrint pdfFactory" at all
Is there a clever way to store the default printer, print to FinePrint
pdfFactory, and then restore the default printer?

Or set that this doc. always uses FinePrint pdfFactory as its printer?

Anyone got an idea (note: im not the big vb expert)


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Win XP Pro SP2, Access 2003

I am previewing a report. If I select the menu File ... Print and
click OK without changing anything, the report prints in duplex (as
I have my only printer set up by default). However, if I click the
little printer icon in the toolbar, the report prints on one side
of the paper only.

My printer properties are set in Control Panel for duplex printing.
Other Office apps, such as Word and Excel, do print in duplex when
I click the printer icon. Wh's different about Access, and what if
anything can I do about this?

Remember, all the correct properties do come up when I select File
... Print and don't change anything. It's just when clicking on the
little printer icon that my default settings aren't honored.


Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems, Tompkins County, New York, USA

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