Paste validation, Copy, Paste Special Validation

Paste validation, Copy, Paste Special Validation

Post by Scot » Thu, 21 Dec 2006 06:54:29


I am generating Validation strings in my code, and then trying to paste
the same strings onto several different lines.

I can put the validation strings into any data type necessary in my
code, but the only way I know to Paste Special -> Validation is to do
the following:

1) Put the validation strings into the spreadsheet somewhere.
2) Copy the section.
3) Paste Special -> Validation

Is there a way to either (A) go directly to step 3 from the String
array I have in my subroutine, or (B) bypass the need to paste in step
1, going right to copying?

Hopefully it's clear.


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I am writing a vb appplication in MSAccess to extract field info from project
into Access tables. I also would like to ave a copy of the Gantt view when
filters are applied so that I can create a formatted report from MS Access
which presents MS project data organized in a particualr format, with a
corresponding picture at the top of the report.

I have automated the retrievable of all of the MS oproject field data that I
need. Does anyone know how you can save a picture of a filtered view in MS
project into an OLE field in MS Access.

I am able to programatically filter an MS Project file and, using
EditCopyPicture, can save the picture as a gif file with a new name. I would
like to be able to programatically, using vba, add some input strings to the
EDITCOPYPICTURE dialog to change the file type to gif, re-defining the date
range and renaming the final gif files. Can anyone show me how to add an
input string to a dialog which is generated by MS Project? Once I am able to
programatically create gif views, I will then need to read the gif into an MS
Access OLE field ( or link it so it can be refreshed when the graphic

Any help would be appreciated.


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