Help Help Help Help!!!!!

Help Help Help Help!!!!!

Post by stapleton2 » Wed, 01 Feb 2006 20:34:53

Hi, not sure if this is possible, but if it is then you are a

We've got this system at work where we have to log in, though there is
a maximum of 40 users, so no more people can get in. However, if you
have the time, and can be bothered, if you hold down the enter key for
about an hour, if someone in that time logs out or turns their pc off
then you can take their space. Im quite sure nothing can be down whilst
im using other programs on my comp, though would it be possible to run
some sort of macro/program where if i was to go on break, it would keep
hitting the OK button to login - contsantly, until i stopped it??????

If someone can do this - then you have saved me hours of button

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Help Help Help Help!!!!!

Post by SyBEYWxlc » Wed, 01 Feb 2006 21:57:28

The only "standard" VBA that might be able to do this would be to repeatedly
AppActivate the app and use SendKeys to send an {ENTER} (assuming focus is
already on the "OK" button) - but this would require actually giving the
application focus and would interfere with anything else you might be doing;
plus AppActivate with SendKeys is problematic if other applications are
running that can "steal" the focus. Or you could try similar things using
the Windows API that might be able to directly address the window that
contains the button, without the need to give the focus to the application.
But I would not recommend trying either of these. It would be easier to
leave your coffee mug on the enter key!

Seriously, the only "real" solution is that your company needs more user
licenses. Any workaround is potentially problematic and does not solve the
real problem.

- K Dales


Help Help Help Help!!!!!

Post by stapleton2 » Wed, 01 Feb 2006 22:51:48

fair enough mate - didn't think it was really possible - many thank