LDAP Query

LDAP Query

Post by Pam Carne » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 23:18:55

Can you do an ldap query in Excel, and return the results
in a cell, then put the results in a drop down box and
allow the user to choose one or many of the results

Any information would be greatly appeciated.

Pam Carney

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2. Need to wrtie LDAP class to *answer* LDAP queries.

I know how to write an LDAP client that can connect to an LDAP server
and perform searches etc, but my requirement is different.....

...I need to write a class that will listen for LDAP queries and
provide the answers. ie what I am trying to do is to *expose* a
proprierty directory over LDAP.

Does anybody know of any LDAP Java libraries that exist for this that I
can use to build my classes with?


David Bevan

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