Choosing Excel Add-ins when starting excel?

Choosing Excel Add-ins when starting excel?

Post by willjohnso » Mon, 17 May 2004 08:01:44

I have some add-ins to excel that frequently conflict which each other
and two of them are aftermarket add-ins, so I can't view their code to
figure out the conflict. As a workaround, I wanted to know if there
is a way to choose, which add-ins I want to use each time I start up
excel. As an example, when Excel starts, I get a prompt with a
checkbox for two different add-in names. Whichever one I check and
hit ok, then that one loads in excel and the other doesn't. Any help
with doing this is greatly appreciated.


Choosing Excel Add-ins when starting excel?

Post by Jon Peltie » Mon, 17 May 2004 10:21:46

Will -

Charles Williams has an Add-In Loader that looks like it does what you
want. It's a free add-in from his web site:

I have not used it; I tested an earlier version, and keep meaning to try
this one.

What I have used is the Name Manager on the same page, which he and Jan
Karel Pieterse created. It's a great tool for controlling the named
ranges in a workbook. If the Add-In Loader is done half as well as the
Name Manager, I'm sure you'll be pleased.

- Jon
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