Need help in converting YUV to RGB using OV7620

Need help in converting YUV to RGB using OV7620

Post by nuky818 » Sat, 14 Jan 2006 20:38:29


I have read a few post about OV7620 and I cant find one that is related t
my problem. Hope you guys can give me some advise on converting the YU
data obtained from OV7620 to RGB format.

I am using the OV7620 in its default mode thus I am only getting 16bit YU
data. This is the first time I am using camera chip and from the dat
sheet, the following is what I have understood. Pls correct me if I a

YUV data is obtained in the following way
clk 1 Y0 U0
clk 2 Y1 V1
clk 3 Y2 U2 etc

The format is 4:2:2 format thus to get RGB I need to do the following
To get RGB for 1st pixel, Y0 U0 and V1 is used in the computation
to get RGB for 2nd pixel, Y1 U0 and V1 is used

The formula given in the data sheet to get YUV was as followed
Y=0.59G +0.31R + 0.11B
U/Cr = 0.713(R-Y)
V/Cb = 0.594(B-r)

I used matlab to get the conversion from YUV to RGB in the following
R = Y + 1.4025[U-128]
G = 0.983*Y + 0.7369[U-128] - 0.3306[V-128]
B = Y - 1.773[V-128]

The 128 was include to shift U and V from the range 16 - 240 to
-112 - 112.

What I did was get the YUV data using DSPIC30F6012 and transfer it t
visual basic and use the RGB formula obtain above to get RGB but I neve
seem to get it. the result is always a green image regardless the colou
of the image taken.

I have check that there is no data corruption during transfer and is no
really stuck. I have also tried other forumla found in other website wher
one of which is microsoft msdn. Still, no avil.

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out here.

Thanks in advance.

Need help in converting YUV to RGB using OV7620

Post by John » Sun, 15 Jan 2006 02:10:52

On 13/01/2006 the venerable nuky8181 etched in runes:

Why not set the OV7620 to output RGB data then you don't have to do the conversion.

If you do want to use Y, Cb & Cr, then run a simple test using 100% RGB colour bars as dummy data
that will quickly tell you if your formulae are correct.

R G B <-> Y Cr Cb
White 255 255 255 235 128 128
Yellow 255 255 0 210 146 16
Cyan 0 255 255 170 16 166
Green 0 255 0 145 34 54
Magenta 255 0 255 106 222 202
Red 255 0 0 81 240 90
Blue 0 0 255 41 110 240
Black 0 0 0 16 128 128

John B


Need help in converting YUV to RGB using OV7620

Post by paul » Sun, 15 Jan 2006 06:15:41

n Friday, in article
XXXX@XXXXX.COM "nuky8181" wrote:

Look for past posts on "Omnivision OV7640" around June 2004, there was lots
of discussion then about this.

First step on something like this FORGET colour, see if you can create the
correct Y image for a monochrome image. Once you have that you know you
have the correct clocking arrangement on data and you are getting all
the data.

THEN consider doing colour conversion.

No, the format is best described spatially as


In other words

Y0 Y1 Y2 Y3
U0 U1
V0 V1

You cannot work out true RGB until 2nd Y and V has been acquired, so you
get a 1 pixel delay to start with.

For third pixel onwards you may have to use in your nomenclatue

RGB2 = Y2 U2 and V1
or Y2 U2 and V3

Part of your problem may be how you are indexing the U/V data and ending
up with 2 U samples or 2 V samples being used.

That is how they are generated internally from the filter matrix on the
sensor as if it was a true RGB source conversion from

Y = 0.299R' + 0.587G' + 0.114B'
Cb = -0.172R' - 0.339G' + 0.511B' + 128
Cr = 0.511R' - 0.428G' + 0.083B' + 128

I don't know how you calculated that and whether you RGB has been
gamma corrected or not but those figures are plain wrong.

For YUV to gamma corrected RGB is (assumes U and V are SIGNED values)

R' = Y + 1.140V
G' = Y - 0.395U - 0,581V
B' = Y + 2.032U

That is true for PAL/NTSC/SECAM

For 601 standard YCbCr to RGB gamma corrected the standard equations
R' = Y + 1.371(Cr - 128)
G' = Y - 0.698(Cr - 128) - 0,336(Cb - 128)
B' = Y + 1.732(Cb - 128)

That is for 16-235(240) range signals, the multipliers are larger for 0-255
range data for a start Y becomes 1,164(Y - 16), with all sorts of extra
saturation, under/overflow logic as well.

The differences are not even explained by a typo in the message.

I would check that you are using true signed variables for the conversion
and ensure with test data you

Green images usually suggest that you have data shorts/opens or incorrect
clocking of data. It more than anything suggests to me that either there is
NO U/V data as (green is mainly Y component) or your U/V data port has lost
a high order bit (one or more of D5 to D7).

How have you checked the data transfer?
Have you checked for shorts/opens from pins to pins, all the way through?

If one or more of D5 to D7 is permanently high or low your results will be

Have you taken images of a FLAT colour at saturation to check you data
conversion, or as another poster has suggested fed a colour bars data
set into your algorithm.

The best resource by far for understanding video formats and colour
space conversion is

Video Demystified (4th edition or later)
Keith Jack
Publisher Newnes
ISBN 0-7506-7822-4


Need help in converting YUV to RGB using OV7620

Post by nuky818 » Tue, 17 Jan 2006 15:48:18

>Why not set the OV7620 to output RGB data then you don't have to do th
colour bars as dummy data

Thanks John,

May I know which forumla u base on to get the value? cos i tried a few
cant get the value.

Need help in converting YUV to RGB using OV7620

Post by nuky818 » Tue, 17 Jan 2006 16:24:21

gt;First step on something like this FORGET colour, see if you can creat

You mentioned the way u get RGB2, would like to double check with
Just to illustrate abit more cos I dont really understand the RGB
section. Suppost the following,
Y0 Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 Y7
U0 U1 U2 U3
V0 V1 V2 V3

Can I do the following,
RGB1 = Y0 U0 V0
RGB2 = Y1 U0 V0
RGB3 = Y2 U1 V1
RGB4 = Y3 U1 V1

Point noted. Will do a check on this. Thanks.

Hm... I did not do any gamma correction but basically I just convert th
formula given in the datasheet to matrics and then did a inverse matric
to get the formula.

Thanks for the two formula before. Will give it a try after the U and
issue. I notice that in the Data sheet the following sentence
Y = 0.59G + 0.31R + 0.11B
U = R-Y
V = B-Y


Y = 0.59G + 0.31R + 0.11B
Cr = 0.713(R-Y)
Cb = 0.564(B-Y)

It sort of give me the impression that Cr = U and V = Cb but i found i that Cr = V and U = Cb. May I know which is the correc

I have check for shorts and open. I believe I am not getting the wrong
data due to the clocking becase I manage to get Y data correctly and can
display grey scale image but still checking if I am getting all U or V.


My friend prompted that data sent from the camera to the laptop could be
lost so I transfer fix data and what I did is indeed what I send.

My algorithm did not manage to get what John say suggested. Even the two
formula you gave manage to get the value he has given.

Thanks for the advice given Paul.


Need help in converting YUV to RGB using OV7620

Post by John » Wed, 18 Jan 2006 02:28:25

On 16/01/2006 the venerable nuky8181 etched in runes:

Assuming R, G & B all have range 0->255, Y has range 16->235 and Cr & Cb have range 16->240, the
following are the conversions:

Y = (((65 * R) + (129 * G) + (25 * B)) / 256) + 16;
Cr = (((112 * R) - (94 * G) - (18 * B)) / 256) + 128;
Cb = (((-38 * R) - (74 * G) + (112 * B)) / 256) + 128;

John B

Need help in converting YUV to RGB using OV7620

Post by nuky818 » Sun, 12 Mar 2006 17:01:26


Anyone can tell me if I am getting the wrong U and V data?

I have check that there is signal coming our from the UV port of th
OV7620 using oscilloscope.

My micro controller operating freq is 20Mhz while the OV7620 is returnin
PCLK at 5Mhz. Thus, if I am to read in thy Y or UV data continuously,
should be able to read in 4 identical data for either Y or UV for eac

I have verify this by reading in data from the digital port and check tha
everydata is repeated 4 times. Thus somehow, i am quite convince that I a
getting the correct data but I amd still unable convert it into RG

May I know if anyone have ever tried reading in the YUV data and manage t
convert it to RGB data? Is it possible to just show me that section of th


Need help in converting YUV to RGB using OV7620

Post by paul » Sun, 12 Mar 2006 20:28:06

On Saturday, in article

I would love to know how you expect the microcrontroller to gurantee
grabbing every single data point as I doubt you are doing what you
think you are doing.

Firstly you have NOT checked that your microcontroller can accept data
at 10MHz for UV data! On these devices Y data is clocked out at 5MHz on
ONE clock edge, whilst UV is clocked out at 10MHz by using the rising
edge for one of the data bytes and falling edge for the next byte. There
is a register in the OV7620 for setting which edge clocks U or V so read
the datasheet.

Unless you have taken the UV data to ports on the microcontroller that
work either on BOTH edges of the PCLK signal or to two ports that can
be configured one on rising edge the other on falling edge, it won't

Similarly the microcontroller must really be able to get the data in by
clocking the data in from an EXTERNAL clock to drive the data capture
NOT the microcontroller. Then there is the Y data at 5MHz can you really
get your 20MHz microcontroller to clock in 15MHz of continuous data as
16/24 bit data.

Have you really checked what happens to the data on BOTH edges of PCLK?
I doubt it. You have not checked the integrity of the data against a
known colour pattern object, to check the data is correct.

Due to the data transmission structure most people use some form of PLD/FPGA
to clock the data into memory for the processor to deal with. On cheap camera
modules they use an ASIC to convert the data into something like JPEG format
and transmit the JPEG data as a stream of data.

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