OO Design Kernels: Fusing OO Cells + OO Life Blood

OO Design Kernels: Fusing OO Cells + OO Life Blood

Post by Univers » Thu, 29 Apr 2004 14:45:00

Circle, Triangle, Square variation on a theme is the
cell,and gen/spec anchored in commonality are the
life *** of OO design.

GoF Bridge and Strategy patterns are canonical OO
structural design patterns that have been formed on the
basis of the OO cell and life *** , while simultaneously
the 2 patterns extend use of the OO cell and life ***
for use at more complex levels of OO system design.

Quite amazing - fantastic!

Together the OO cell - abstraction and OO life *** -
polymorphism, as parts, may be combined in multiple
ways to comprise varying OO design kernel aggregations kernels.

Each design kernel features a relatively different
structural topology. These alternate OO design kernel
aggregations are mixed and matched to form the foundation
of most significant OO system designs.

GoF Bridge and Strategy are classic examples of such
OO system design kernels. The need for these 2 design
kernels is so ubiquitous and so frequent,they have taken
on the status of OO design *patterns*

The universe with life exists because
the absence of same is meaningless
without the presence of same.

Non-existence implies existence &
Existence implies non-existence.

"Why?" can not be asked against itself.
"Why?" can only be asked and have
meaning against the actuality of "Why not?".