M's JSON parser v1.2 released

M's JSON parser v1.2 released

Post by Rui Macie » Tue, 20 Oct 2009 01:40:34

I'm proud to announce that MJSON v1.2 has been released!

M's JSON parser, a small, lightweight FLOSS library that handles documents written in the JSON data
interchange format. It's written in standard C, which means that it may run on any platform which is targeted
by a C compiler.

This release focuses on stability and offers a hand full of clean-ups and bug fixes. It also marks the start
of the development of the v2.0 release, a complete rewrite which will focus on improving the library's
already impressive efficiency and speed.

M's JSON parser can be downloaded at:

Rui Maciel

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For anybody who is finicky, remember: THIS IS A BETA PRODUCT.
Uninstall old version before installing new.

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"In this second beta refresh (Build 1.0.613), we've made other
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