problems with IO completion port

problems with IO completion port

Post by vija » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 19:29:06

I have joined this group some time back

I would like to ask if any body have come across similar problems with IO
completion port hangs
I have a client server architecture
Client posts the some tasks requests into server IOCompletion port through
DCOM RPC threads

There are 5 worker threads waiting for the same . IO synchronises task
requests across the 5 theads. Once a thread completes a task it will
again invoke GetQueuedCompletionStatus and wait for infinite period of

NOw the problem is , I can see from the traces that client is posting the
tasks to the server IOcoimpletion but the 5 worker threads are not able to
retrieve the tasks from the same
I wanted to know, if any body have faced similar problems with IO


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3. If I call the API (so far using ConnectNamedPipe, ReadFile, WriteFile)
passing the overlapped structure and a handle opened with the overlapped flag
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returns a success code synchronously?


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