[OT] Learning to learn (was): Cauchy product

[OT] Learning to learn (was): Cauchy product

Post by Kent Paul » Mon, 12 Jul 2004 06:08:02

Perhaps rather than giving you a fish, I can teach
you why you need to learn to fish for yourself.

I was one of the guppies who helped a very cute,
very lazy co-ed get her degree by having all her
homework and all her class projects done by beguiled
guys, them giving answers while she typed, for the
chance to glance down her blouse, which she
cooperatively wore very open-necked.

She passed the tests by intensive coaching from the
same school of guppies,

Since the teachers were not inclined to give tests
that took too much checking effort on the part of
the teacher or teacher's assistant, most of the
tests were "multiple guesIn sci.mathks".

Though having no experience in thinking for herself,
she guessed adequately enough based on that
coaching, but she carried no knowledge away from
those coaching sessions, nor proved any by passing
the exams, either.

Upon graduation, her lack of any useful skills in
her profession found no employer impressed with her
as a job candidate, and she returned to her previous
employment, cleaning other people's houses.

Unless this future life of scut-work is also your
own fondest ambition, continuously posting your
homework problems for others to solve (and I've seen
you do this here many times now) is probably not the
wisest approach to future employment success, and
turns your four years of education into four years
of wasted life.

One of the parts of learning to think that college
sometimes provides is learning to think out the
likely consequences of your contemplated actions,
_before_ you have to suffer them in person. More
often, though, pain is the only teacher of that
particular lesson.


xanthian, thinking her name might have been "Heidi";
time dims painful memories, luckily. By now, her beauty
will have faded, she'll be unable to trade on that any
more, but her need for the knowledge she couldn't be
bothered to acquire by honest toil will remain the same.

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