Lomboz: problems running JBoss (was: Lomboz: starting JBoss results in NoClassDefFoundError)

Lomboz: problems running JBoss (was: Lomboz: starting JBoss results in NoClassDefFoundError)

Post by Marcus Bey » Wed, 12 Nov 2003 03:27:52

I am using JBoss. I think by default it uses
an embeded Tomcat as its Servlet Engine.

The web archive "jmx-console.war" is not mine.
It is just the main tool for administering JBoss.
I only tried to start the server within Lomboz.
Nothing more! Perhaps the problem has to do
with the JBoss version. I am using JBoss 3.2.2,
but Lomboz' config file was for 3.2.1. Trying
everything, now I added some libs to the
"Classpath" for JBoss in Lomboz config "Server

The result: Now I can start JBoss within Lomboz :)
But calling my web results in an
"Error running javac.exe compiler"
Adding the variable "JAVA_HOME" did not help :(


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Here's my experience, I hope it saves you googlers a few minutes....

Both the compile message from within Eclipse and from Tomcat 5.0.26
during run say that the tag jsp:setProperty must be empty whenever I
try to add <jsp:setProperty or <jsp:getProperty in my jsp. So I figure
I'm missing something in my set-up / environment. I was wrong, by a
long shot.

It doesn't argue about this:
<jsp:useBean id="anID" class="packagename.ABean">

but it gives the error if I try this:
<jsp:getProperty name="anID" property="aProp">

This error, specifically:
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /TestRoles.jsp(4,1) According to
TLD, tag jsp:setProperty must be empty, but is not


If I do this:
<jsp:getProperty name="anID" property="aProp"/>

it works. Notice the "/" at the end. Duh.

There, now we have a post in English that answers it!


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