block internet connection

block internet connection

Post by IveCa » Fri, 06 May 2005 14:51:45

I need your professional help!
I and my friend are building a system for internet access among users
using Java. All users have existing accounts in the system. We have the
following objectives:
1) allow the user to access the internet only if authenticated by the
2) monitor the total number of bytes used per user,
3) disconnect once the limit of allowed bytes is exceeded.
The problem we encountered is on how to connect/disconnect a user from
using the internet. What should we do! We're creating this system with
openBSD 3.6 as server! Does openBSD pf necessary into this scenario? If
yes, how? Pls reply!

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Does anyone have the ICF API experiences?

We would like to use the ICF API in our program to automatically open
or close ports as needed.

But when i use the INetSharingPortMapping::Enable() or
INetSharingPortMapping::Delete() function under my Windows XP OS, it
causes a notification to appear on my local computer, every time I
have to choose "YES" or "NO" in order to continue this program. It is
very inconvenient for us to use this ICF API under our program. We
would like this program to continue running without user interruption.

Further look into the MSDN document related the ICF under following

Only four ICS/ICF methods will cause the notification to the user

I wonder why INetSharingPortMapping::Enable() and
INetSharingPortMapping::Delete() cause the notification to the user

Is there any way we could use INetSharingPortMapping::Enable() and
INetSharingPortMapping::Delete() without notification showing up?

Thank you !


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