Eclipse/Lomboz/JBoss: Cannot Start JBoss (Debug) Server from Eclipse Using Lomboz Plugin

Eclipse/Lomboz/JBoss: Cannot Start JBoss (Debug) Server from Eclipse Using Lomboz Plugin

Post by Jubz » Thu, 01 Jun 2006 07:24:24

For some reason, my latest attempts to code and debug using the
combination of these three tools has failed. Eclipse is working fine,
and so is JBoss. With the Lomboz plugin, if I want to run the server
from within Eclipse, nothing happens.
Anyone have an idea where I could start looking to fix this; especially
any ANT or config files that'd enable me to open JBoss from within
Eclipse in debug mode using Lomboz?

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I'm trying to get started with Eclipse and Lomboz. One thing I was
hoping for is syntax-driven indentation of JSP files. But Lomboz only
makes TAB indent one level. How to get syntax-driven indentation of
JSP files?

Another thing is starting the application. It seems that Lomboz
always wants to deploy the application before it can be started. But
it is possible using Ant to just start the application from the local
disk, without deploying it first. Is there a way to use this with

(I'm happy to just use the external Ant run thing from Eclipse, if
that means that debugging JSPs will work normally.)


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