how do i compare dates in JSP

how do i compare dates in JSP

Post by Fredrik Li » Sat, 08 Nov 2003 19:59:45


Use the java.text.DateFormat class to format the date String into a
java.util.Date class. Assuming that the database date is retrieved via JDBC
as a java.sql.Date object (whixh extends the java.util.Date class) you
compare those two date objects.


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I am using the three controls, Calendar, datetext, timelist and
creating a date after concatenating them and then comparing to the
Current date/time.

User enters the information and then this is done

If Format(datetext & " " & timelist, "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm") < Format(Now,
"mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm") Then
Msgbox "Earlier Date"
Msgbox "Later Date"
End If

It was working fine till the dates were to be entered for 2007.
So I am selecting a date in 2007, I get earlier date in the above

How can I fix that?

Any ideas will be appreciated.


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