Magellan RoadMate 1200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

Magellan RoadMate 1200 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

Post by Akimse » Sat, 23 May 2009 14:17:31

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The touch screen doesn't work! This is the second GPS we have had. Our other one was a Navatlas we had had for 3 years which finally died, so we decided to go with a name brand. Big mistake, every time we use the touch screen, it either pops up the wrong letter or doesn't do anything at all. We finally discovered we have to touch the upper left hand corner of the letter with a stylus (not included). Give me an off brand any time.
Bought this in Jan. 2009. Didn't receive any instruction that were of use. I could barely read the print on the single sheet of paper. It took me a while to get it out to the car to charge so I didn't use it right away. My mistake. Took it back in the house and programed a couple of routes around town just to see out how it worked. Battery had to be charged again so I left it in the car overnight plugged in and tried to use it the next day. Can't program it now I've reset it several times. It brings me to my location and that's it. Paper road map better than this thing.
This is the fifth Magellan Gps that I have owned. The first one was a MAP 7000 used in aerial navigation. It weighewd a ton and used 6 double A bateries that had a lifetime of about ten hours. All of the products have been very dependable. In the use of any GPS it is important to fly the plane or drive the car first. Program the GPS using Guggle Earth for land navigation and then listen to the commands, don't bother looking at it. It is very helpful if utiliZed correctly.
I bought this product for my daughter at Xmas. Two weeks later my daughter moved to Washington DC from Indiana. My daughter and I used the new GPS (right out of the package)to start my daughter's search for housing.........WOW! We did NOT even get lost once!!! It is so user friendly that even I had no problems navigating my way around the screens and using the different options to find the nearest Starbucks!! I loved the product so much that when I came home from DC, I bought myself one!! YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG OR GET LOST WITH THIS PRODUCT!!!!
We live in Minneapolis, and have had several times where the GPS couldn't pick up where we were located, so we couldn't use it to map out our destination. It would stick on a previous location we had been, and even after driving for 30 minutes, it still wouldn't update our location. Each time this has happened it has been plugged into the car charger because the battery was low, so I'm not sure if that affects it, but we have been disappointed that we can't always use it when we want. I would expect that it would pick up our location in a city as large as Minneapolis, even while charging.
MAGELLAN RoadMate 1200 3.5 Inch Auto Navigation . Affordable and pocket sized, full function personal auto navigation. The sleek design features a 3.5 in color touch screen. The latest amazingly easy to use interface enables you to locate virtually anywhere in seconds without reading the instructions.


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