Q: PL*SQL stored procedure, oracle objects and Java

Q: PL*SQL stored procedure, oracle objects and Java

Post by Abraham Le » Tue, 16 Dec 2003 06:43:59


I've googled hours for detailed information on this topic, but both the
Oracle technical network as well as Google have let me down.

The situation is that I get a resultset (a cursor) from a stored
procedure, but this resultset (a nested table) contains objects created
in PL*SQL.
My question is simple, how to access these objects within the resultset
from Java ?



Calling a PL*SQL stored procedure from Java just like this, which in
this example returns a simple address as string.

// Declare the callable statement
CallableStatement cstmt;

// Declare the command syntax with placeholders
String command = "{call PERSMGT.GETADDRESS(?)}";

// Make the command into a callable statement
cstmt = con.prepareCall(command);

// Initialize command variables
cstmt.registerOutParameter(1, Types.VARCHAR);

// Execute the command

// Retrieving Stored Procedure results
String address = cstmt.getString(1);

// Close the Callable Statement

My question is how to access the returned address(es) if the returned
result is not VARCHAR but a nested table of objects like the one shown

AddrStreet Varchar2(50),
AddrCity Varchar2(30),
AddrZip Number,
AddrCountry Varchar2(10) );

Which type of cstmt.registerOutParameter() is this, and after execution,
how do I access this nested table WITH objects in it? My real problem is
to access the objects within the result. Does anybody know how to do
that? A complete example and source would be very helpful. Thanks in


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