error during DBD::Oracle installation (was: error during DBI installation)

error during DBD::Oracle installation (was: error during DBI installation)

Post by jonathan.l » Fri, 04 Apr 2008 12:43:19

Looks like time to get the development stuff you need installed. The log
file says:

Reading /export/home/oracle/product/9Iclient/precomp/lib/

Attempting to discover Oracle OCI build rules
gcc -c -I. -I/export/home/oracle/product/9Iclient/precomp/public
-DNO_HASH_SEED -DBUILT_BY_ACTIVESTATE -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe
-DXS_VERSION=\"1.16\" -fPIC
-Wall -Wno-comment -DUTF8_SUPPORT -DNEW_OCI_INIT
by executing: [make -f
build ECHODO=echo ECHO=echo GENCLNTSH='echo genclntsh' CC=true
Oracle oci build command:
-L/export/home/oracle/product/9Iclient/lib/ -lclntsh `cat
/export/home/oracle/product/9Iclient/lib/ldflags` `cat
-R/export/home/oracle/product/9Iclient/lib -laio -lposix4 -lm

Found header files in rdbms/demo.

I can't find the header files I need in your Oracle installation.
You probably need to install some more Oracle components.
I'll keep going, but the compile will probably fail.
See README.clients for more information.

It also says:

*** If you have problems...
read all the log printed above, and the README and files.
(Of course, you have read README by now anyway, haven't you?)

So, which part of that is too hard to understand? You're running on ancient
Solaris (2.6 - not supported), and you have a fairly old version of Oracle
client -- did you check whether it is supported.

And DBD does not mean DBD::Oracle - there are lots of DBD::DBMS drivers.

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