Extracting one record from multiple-records textfile

Extracting one record from multiple-records textfile

Post by giuseppega » Thu, 29 Nov 2007 04:29:13

Hello there. I'm a real beginner and I was wondering if you could be
so kind to help me on this.
I have a text file, containing a number of varying length documents,
all tagged with DOC-START and DOC-END, structured as follows:

content of the document

some text


sdfdf fdff ee


I need to take every document and pass it to a parsing function, that
accepts a file with *a single* document, that is

some text

My file contains lots of these records, so picking each document and
writing it into a new file is not an option. How can I extract the
documents one at a time from the file? Is it possible e.g. to put one
such record iteratively into a temporary file and pass this to the

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm setting up a Word form that customers can use to submit product
registrations, and an Access database to store the data they send, one
record per product registered. I found this site -
to extract the form data to an Access table, but I have a minor

The code on that site seems to require unique fields, meaning each
instance of the form would be one record. However, my customers want
to send one form per end user - which could be anywhere from one to
100 separate products.

Is it possible to adjust the code found at the link above to treat
multiple form fields with the same name (such as 15 instances of
"serialnumber") as separate records, and copy form fields that only
appear once (such as "customername") into the appropriate field in
each record?

Also, if there are any variables in that code other than the field
names in Access and Word (such as "text1" and "favorite food") that
need to be changed depending on what I name things and where I save
them, please point them out to me. I haven't really learned VBA yet,
so I'm flying blind.


(I apologize if this is a double post... it timed out on me the first

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