Character entity 2 Hexadecimal Entity - Better Idea

Character entity 2 Hexadecimal Entity - Better Idea

Post by V.Ramkuma » Fri, 25 Jul 2008 18:00:02

Hi List,

I am having INI file which contains, list of both character entity and
corresponding hexadecimal entity. Based on this file, I am replacing one
entity to another using normal Perl replacement.

Instead of this method, any one know better idea or any method in Perl to do
this, Please suggest.

Ex: “ “


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Hi All,

I am using EF (Framework 3.5 SP1) and have a simple two table demo set up:
- applicant_id int
- applicant_pref_lang_coorepondence int (FK to CodeLanguages)
- applicant_pref_lang_exam int (FK CodeLanguages)
- applicant_pref_lang_interview int (FK CodeLanguages)

- code_lang_id int
- code_lang_desc

A CodeLanguage entry can have 0, 1, * Applicants
Each language ref in Applicants must have 1 (and only one) CodeLanguage ref.

When I bring back an Applicant entity, if all three language references
(coorespondence, exam, and interview) are all the same, lets say 1000
(english), and then I modify one of them, for example to 1001 (french), then
all THREE will be changed to 1001 (french).

Here's the weird part: If all three references are different (lets say
coorespondence=english, exam=french, and interview=spanish) and I change one
of them - then it behaves as expected and only the one I changed is
affected - the others are remain in their original state.

I have spent most of today trying various things such as dropping and
recreating associations in the EDMX, recreating the EDMX datamodel - even
creating a new database. None of this worked - I'm beginning to thing the
issue is with EF and not my code.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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