MSAccess Problem solved (was Simultaneous access: Perl (DBD::ODBC) and C# (ODBC))

MSAccess Problem solved (was Simultaneous access: Perl (DBD::ODBC) and C# (ODBC))

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Thanks Timothy,
I tried subscribing but the list server does not appear to be working.
Hmmm.. well maybe I'm mistaken. I just tried again and it sent me a
confirmation this time.

I figured out my problem: Microsoft Access does not use the traditional
architecture where clients use pipes or sockets to connect to a process on a
(possibly) remote machine. Instead it creates a temporary file with the
extension of ldb.

If users from two different accounts have access to the database file
because the administrator granted them access, the second user will still
have a problem because he won't be able to access the temporary ldb file
created by the first user.

My solution is to have everyone use the same account. This works because in
my situation, one user is a web server and the other user is a batch job
that runs every couple of hours.


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I have two suggestions:

One is to go to and sign up for the dbi-users
mailing list.

Two is just a thought, but have you tried using DBD::ADO instead of

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<snip>DBD-ADO interaction issue</snip>

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The ingres database is accessed via ODBC calls from a W2K server

A problem we have just encountered is that the binary dll's return a
different date format

to the ASP script code.

binary dll date format DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss
ASP script date format MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss

I'm really stumped as to why the dates would be returned any
differently. If anyone has

any ideas or suggestions I would really appreciate the help, Im really
stuck on this one.

Thank you

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