Read buffer size for XML::Twig

Read buffer size for XML::Twig

Post by Jase Well » Sun, 06 Aug 2006 08:57:08

I'm using XML::Twig to process a large XML file, and it's working fine.
That is, except for a particular node whose text is quite long -- the
data between the start/end tags is around 50 MB or so.

It seems to take a looong time to read, so I added a char_handler to
see what was happening. My char_handler subroutine tells me it's
receiving at most 1024 bytes at a time. Is there some option to change
the buffer size XML::Twig (or XML::Parser) uses to read the source
file? I've looked around, but no luck yet.


Read buffer size for XML::Twig

Post by miro » Tue, 08 Aug 2006 06:20:52

The size of the buffer is indeed not set by XML::Twig. It could be in
XML::Parser or
directly in expat.

I would be very interested if you find this information.

Thank you.