I published a free classified website please do visit...

I published a free classified website please do visit...

Post by benn » Thu, 05 Jan 2006 08:36:51

Wish You happy New Year 2006

We are proud to launch eBlueFox.com on 1st Jan 2006, a free
classified website for all US communities.
Yes, it is one amongst many that already exist but
with a difference.
eBlueFox is providing free services to the public allowing them to use
our site for free of cost.
Its extremely simple and easy to use.

Posting an ad is 2 siple steps.
You can post your ad at a city level, however the ad is visible at
the national, state, and city level.
You can upload pictures and display thumbnail in the search resutls,
so that it gives your posting a very high visibility.
A very easy navigation system for the users browsing the website.
Several categories to choose from.
Posting to all categories is free for any time and any number of
You can also post your resume and search for jobs.
No pop-up, banner ads, graphyics, and images. just simple text.
Managing ads are as simple as it is at one place.
The ad will be published automatically and show up with in few
seconds in the search list.
This site adds a RSS feedback, thus readers are up to date notified
about new ads.

Please do vist our site - http://www.yqcomputer.com/
our services.

Thanking You,

Note: We will be very thankful to you if you can encourage us by
forwading this mail to your friends.


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