Tcl and PHP (was: Vignette and Tcl (was Veblenesque rant))

Tcl and PHP (was: Vignette and Tcl (was Veblenesque rant))

Post by clair » Fri, 09 Jan 2004 08:39:39

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I want to understand this.

Phil, do you know you can use PHP as a fairly conventional
command-line processor with, for example, the -q command-
line flag?

For me, Tcl has at least a half-dozen distinct significant
technical advantages over PHP (Tk integration; superior
introspection--but am I just not acclimated to PHP 5's
Reflection yet?; ease of embedding/extending; ...). One
I don't get, though, is "superior ... string manipulation".
What's an example of an operation on string data that you
find significantly easier in Tcl than PHP?

Cameron Laird < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

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2. Vignette and Tcl (was Veblenesque rant)

I'm curious, though this falls in the category of getting off topic...
For at least 6 years, maybe more, Vignette has been "getting away from
Tcl". Do they still have Tcl in the product or have they finally succeeded?

I never quite understood the rationale of removing the core of a product
that help you build a $500M company (though I'm guessing revenues are
likely more like half that now). I remember seeing a memo from a time
when Vignette was only a year or two old where they were already talking
about getting rid of Tcl.

Personally, I think if they hadn't hobbled Tcl and spoke down about it
since day one they would have been much better off. Tcl is a darn near
perfect language for content management IMO. What other conclusion could
one draw given that Vignette built such a huge customer base with a Tcl
based product and the fact that AOLServer seems to be a pretty good
performer, too.

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