[PHP] Freebsd 6.2 amd64 PHP 5.2.5 Internal Server Error

[PHP] Freebsd 6.2 amd64 PHP 5.2.5 Internal Server Error

Post by agrobine » Wed, 16 Jan 2008 09:21:15

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This is weird, and it's a bit odd that the code is causing a #500 error
after you have successfully written the file. I would do the following:
1 - Check the apache logs (the overall error_log, and the specific domain's
error log). What do they say about the error?
2 - If you are using mod_rewrite, that could be the cause (it's a good
source for # 500 errors, and you can enable rewrite.log for debugging, if
that's the case)
3 - If you can test it with several browsers do it (IE has caused me trouble
at least on my development box, it was kind of throwing a GET request twice,
and one of the times without the last part of the URL path... weird).



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[PHP] Freebsd 6.2 amd64 PHP 5.2.5 Internal Server Error

Post by ceo » Thu, 17 Jan 2008 00:56:15

Start looking here for info on how to generate a backtrace and get
debugging info:

You probably have found an actual bug, and can help to get it fixed by
documenting what blows up.

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