[PHP] Mail() Function on Cobalt Raq 4

[PHP] Mail() Function on Cobalt Raq 4

Post by mike » Thu, 23 Oct 2003 23:59:08

Have you checked the mail logs (should be /var/log/mail.log or something
similar) you could be getting errors from the mail server rather than the
php side. I have had it where I thought that it was php but it turned out
be a local relaying error....

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I logged into the Administrator Desktop of my Raq 550 and the login
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package is one that is Labeled: Sun Cobalt OS version 7.0 with a bunch
of Japanese characters in the description. What I need to know is:

1 . How to change it back to English
2. How I can tell the order of the packages that have been installed
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Thanks in advance.

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